This bracelet is handmade by Elodie with 6mm genuine pink morganite and lapis lazuli stones mounted on a transparent elastic. The lapis lazuli stone is highlighted by two silver ornamental bead cups.

Bracelet size: 17/18 cm (the size can be adapted on request)
Shipped from Ireland

Also available as a double bracelet HERE.

Morganite is a very interesting semi-precious stone that is associated with feelings of inner peace, strength, and joy. This stone ensures that you are full of self-love, self-respect, and self-care and ready to stand proud no matter what comes your way.

Lapis lazuli has a very high vibration. It is a powerful stone for thinking and for spirituality. This stone encourages creativity, self-expression and communication. It’s believed to increase self-knowledge and awareness of one’s own thoughts and can help you to trust your inner wisdom. Additionally it's a stone of peace and serenity, calming tempers, releasing stress, and bringing the mind and body together in harmony.

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