This bracelet is handmade by Elodie with 6mm very high quality clear quartz beads and a selection of 7 genuine semi-precious stone beads, all mounted on a transparent elastic. The 7 stones are highlighted by two silver ornamental bead cups.

Bracelet size: 17/18 cm (the size can be adapted on request)
Shipped from Ireland

7 chakra stones:

Chakras are energy points within your body that help to regulate organ function, mind, and emotions. There are seven main chakras situated along the spine, from the base of your spine to the crown of your head. Each chakra has its own frequency, energy and colour. Balanced chakras allow you to remain in good psychological, emotional and spiritual health.

Dark amethyst (The crown - 7th chakra)

Kyanite (The third eye - 6th chakra)

Apatite (The throat - 5th chakra)

Aventurine (The heart - 4th chakra)

Citrine (The solar plexus - 3rd chakra)

Amber (The sacral - 2nd chakra)

Red jasper (The root - 1st chakra)

Clear Quartz is known to amplify energies and therefore the benefits of the stones around it. This stone is excellent for meditation and brings clarity to the wearer. It also enhances communication with your Higher Self & Spirit Guides. Stress reliever !


*Due to the natural and unique nature of the stones, the jewelry you receive may be slightly different from the one pictured.

*This information is given as an indication. It does not under any circumstances constitute medical information, nor engage our responsibility.