Designs by Annemarie Etsell and Heidi Etsell
15 x 21 cm
24 pages

About this colouring book…
– based on hand drawn designs
– printed in small local printing shops
– assemble and bound by hand with thread
– covers are printed on coloured construction paper and coloured by hand
– each cover is a different colour but the contents is always the same
The colour you receive will depend on what colours I have at hand… SURPRISE!

I travel these days so the printing location and materials periodically change.

Just for fun I will add a note on the inside back cover stating where your colouring book was made.

A little more about this colouring book..

One day I received a big enveloppe in the mail. Inside was a pile of drawings with a note from my mom saying that I could do what ever I would like with them. They were the latest of her doodles that she uses to decorate her pottery.

I love to colour! So that’s just what I did. I photocopied a few and pulled out my pencil crayons. What a day! I mean, already just the sight of good old fashioned snail mail in my mail box and it not being a bill was already enough to call it a good day…now add the fact that it was beautiful flower designs to colour!!

I very quickly realized just how great my mom’s designs are for colouring. So I have slipped in a few of my drawings as well and have prepared them to be shared with all colouring fans… or fans to be!

Wishing you all relaxing, wonderful hours of colourful creating!


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