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Gift Shop
handmade and printed artwork

Hello Autumn!

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Handmade Jewelry

Folk Flowers Colouring Book

Let your imagination run wild and add your personal touch of colour to these hand-drawn floral patterns by Mamé.

We've compiled the Folk Flowers card collection, along with some brand new floral designs, into this wonderful colouring book!

Greeting Cards

Imagine opening your mailbox to a hand addressed envelope. In a world of emails and text messages choosing, preparing and sending a good old fashioned greeting card by good old fashioned snail mail with a stamp on it is just as delightful as receiving one.

Here's to sharing the delight and adding a spot of joy to our friends' and families' mailboxes.

Colouring Cards

Let your creativity shine through!
Our colouring cards work great with pencils,
felt tip pens, crayons and even watercolours.

A table spread of paintbrushes, paint, pencils and canvases with purple paint on them. Add your personal touch of colour with our colouring cards.
Add your personal touch of colour with our colouring cards :)